- My top 5 Favorite places in & around London -

                                                                          Hello lovely people!
I'm back from my holiday in England ☺
As I got a lot of questions on instagram asking where I went and which places I visited, I decided to tell you about my 5 favorite places in England. I hope this is helpfull for when you visit England ♥

This is a list of some different places to go for people that have been there and seen the "Typical Englisch" places like the Big Ben, Tower bridge, Buckingham Pallace etc. already.

If you've never been in London I'd suggest visiting the tourist things first; it's just fun to see them in real life ☺

   Number 1: Brighton
"Strolling through the lanes, drinking coffee & enjoying the sea wind with your toes in the water"

Brighton is by far my favorite place in England, it has everything that I like:
wind, beach, cute shops & coffee.
When you walk out the train station (on a sunny day) you can already see the sea from there.
It's already great because you can lay on the beach while reading a good book, but there are also lots of streets with cute shops and cafés.
( It's about a 70 minute train ride from London Victoria station)

Number 2: Shoreditch (Brick Lane)
Vintage paradise

If you, like me, are really into vintage shops and street art, I really recommend you go there!
Unfortunately I missed the market (because of the rain) But there are still lots off awesome vintage stores.
 "Blitz" is a really good one!

There are also some stands inside, where you can buy food, which are nice.
(It's just fun to walk there because of the graffiti)

Number 3: Saatchi Gallery
Surprisingly awesome!

Personally I'd never heard of the Saatchi Gallery. Thanks to the lovely girl who recommended it on instagram, I now can share it with you ♥

Saatchi is much smaller than other museums in London. Because it's not that well known it's also not that busy, which makes it more fun to explore.

It's also free, so if you are looking for a bad weather activity I suggest you go here!

Number 4Camden town
 Interesting people, good food and awesome shops

If you want to buy some nice souvenirs, but don't want to come home with the typical "I ♥ London sweather, Camden is the place to go! It's filled with lots of different shops from different cultures. If you are not interested in shopping, it is also a nice place to try out new food ☺

Number 5:  Natural History Museum, science museum & Tate Modern.

Probably the top 3 most famous museums in London, they are famous with a reason!

For the art lovers; Tate Modern is really cool! 
It is very minimalistic and modern and has an impressive collection of famous art!
I recognized a lot of work that I learned about in my art history class wich was pretty awesome.

Natural History Museum is cool for everyone. When you walk in, there is a dinosaur ... hellooooo a freakin dinosaur!!!! Do I need to say more?

Science Museum is also really cool. It's more interactive than the other musuems, which makes it cool for your younger siblings as well.

I hope you enjoyed this!
In my next blog post I'll probably tell you in more detail about my trip.

How is your holiday been so far? Been in awesome countries?

Hope you have a good time ♥

Lots of love,

13 opmerkingen

  1. Jaaa ik ben dol op Engeland! Natural History museam vond ik heel mooi en verder is mijn hart gestolen door Oxford Street. Liefs

  2. Je hebt echt hele mooie fotos gemaakt sophie!
    Ik zou zelf ook heel graag engeland een keer bezoeken

  3. Hele leuke foto's heb je gemaakt!
    Ik hou van London, ben zelf half Brits, dus ik ben er heel vaak en kan er ELKE keer weer helemaal van genieten ;)

    XOXO Faye van ByFaye.nl

  4. aaah nu krijg kook weer helemaal zin om naar Engeland/Londen te gaan!

  5. Brighton lijkt mij echt zo geweldig en staat ook nog op mijn lijstje om naar toe te gaan.

  6. Saatchi Gallery ziet er behoorlijk gaaf uit! Die gaat op het lijstje voor als ik nog ooit een keer naar London ga :)

  7. hi girl!
    i love your photos, they're amazing, but also i love so much your brown shoes!! can you tell me where did you bought them?