April 2017

Having tried multiple film camera's that turned out to be broken, and losing over 3 roles of film put me off film photography for a while. I went back to my trusty disposable film camera's until my dad pointed out that he still had one camera left that I hadn't tried yet. After having the same one roll of film in there for over a month, I finally got it developed and I was pleasently surprised. For the first time in a while all my pictures managed to be developed and I didn't end up crying over my lost pictures ha. Finding out that my dad's analoge camera was working resulted in me shooting two roles of film in one month. It's a collection of me trying to capture the good and sunny days during a somewhat cold and gray month. 
 A day spend with my dad wonder around a heath.

The day my beautiful friends came to visit my hometown.
The weather was lovely, we biked around & ended up taking a swim in a lake.

These are from the time my mom and I ran around the mustard fields at night.

Oh and I captured some animals along the way too.

And you know some self portrait were taken aswell.

I think they turned out quite good, and can't wait to get my film from Berlin back in a few days.
(I spontaniously went on a trip to Berlin for 3 days last week eeep)

I hope you all have a lovely evening.

Lots of love, Sophie

14 opmerkingen

  1. Love the pictures Sophie! I lost 2 rolls of film this month as well, with 2 different camera's. I'm still very sad about it, but I still got some other camera's lying around the house so hopefully they will work.
    What camera did you use?

  2. Oh my goodness, these are all so incredibly beautiful!!!! I'm in love. The colors, the compositions, subjects- just everything. You are like the best photographer, honestly. It's a dream for me to have you photograph me! xx nina

  3. De foto's, zijn echt prachtig geworden!

  4. Wauw, wat een supermooie foto's! Mag ik vragen waar jij je film laat ontwikkelen? Ik laat mijn film nu ontwikkelen bij de kruidvat, maar daar doen ze er meer dan een maand over.. Liefs

    1. Dankjewel! Gewoon bij de hema (daar duurt het 5 werkdagen) ;-)

  5. Wat een prachtige, sfeervolle foto's! Die foto van jouw en Laura aan het meer lijkt wel een still uit een film :)

  6. Zooo mooi Sophie! Ik ben verliefd op de dromerige sfeer die altijd rond jouw foto's hangt. Je bent een inspirerend mens! Xxx

  7. Wauww wat een mooie foto's! Alles ziet er zo prachtig en nostagisch uit.. Ben mede door jou ook weer analoog gaan fotograferen! x