Ice ice baby / Iceland shot on portra 400 35mm film

  "Maybe the fact that it took me around 10 minutes before I had the guts to ask these guys if I could take their picture or maybe it's the look on the little guy's face, but this right here is probably my favorite picture i've ever taken." and as my dad kindly pointed out, it's not even in bloody focus.

So this month I decided to visit one of my oldest friends in one of the most beautiful countries in the world; Iceland. I'm pretty sure that when you hear the word Iceland, snowy mountains and northern lights come to mind. Both of which I did see (crazy, I know) but somehow I found it hard to capture this immens beauty through my lens. I quess it's just something you need to experience. Seeing all these amazing shots taken in Iceland, somehow made me believe I had to become a nature photographer all of a sudden haha. This ended up in me taking some pretty average (but good memory) holiday pictures which i'll share with you along with a little travel diary thingy & maybe some Iceland tips in my next blogpost. For now I just wanted to share the ones I found to be the most visually pleasing, I mean some nice coloured film shots never hurt nobody right? ;-)