INDUSTRIAL EXPLORERS / Zora Hamers by Sophie Engels

Hello lovely people of the internet!

Yesterday Zora and I decided to go to Amsterdam (again haha).
Naomi showed me the "NDSM werf" for the first time last year and I totally fell in love with the vibes.
There is graffiti everywhere, everything is damaged but in a very beautiful way & there are some really nice coffee places! We visited the "Noorderlicht café" yesterday which 10/10 would visit again. The café has a very nice outdoor sitting area and the building itself looks like an old plant house, which is pretty amazing. 

We adventured there for a bit and took some pictures which i'm sharing with you guys today!
Let me know what you think of them ☺

I'm hopefully going outside to enjoy the sun later today.
Have yourself a lovely sunny sunday 

Lots of love,