24.07.16 - 07.08.16

Oh Tenerife, where do I start? It took me a while to get used to you, you were so filled with stores, pools and tourist shops. I found it very hard to find the beauty. Ofcourse I did see the beauty, but I wanted to see a different beauty than the one they are trying to sell you on. Man, did we see that beauty! Those elderly couples dancing passionately in the restaurant near our hotel, beautiful. The de-li-cious tapas prepared by two guys with so much passion and love, beautiful. The coloured houses, the little cafĂ© with selfmade ecofriendly goods, the street art, the couple sitting near the opened windows facing the streets saying "hola guapa". The woman giving us a ride home because we missed the only bus. The surf instructor giving me an exploding high-five after I maneged to get up two times, the old doggie outside that store waiting to get some love. Those where the things that made you beautiful. I tried to capture those little things that did "it" for me on film and that is what I am sharing with you today.

"I hope these pictures can make you feel as if you are walking down the island with me. As if you can feel the salt on your skin and the sand on your toes, as if you can hear the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore and see the shadow of the palmtrees following you around." 

I'd love to know what you think of this post, of the pictures as well as the writing & wish you all a nice day! Lots of love, Sophie