April 2017

Having tried multiple film camera's that turned out to be broken, and losing over 3 roles of film put me off film photography for a while. I went back to my trusty disposable film camera's until my dad pointed out that he still had one camera left that I hadn't tried yet. After having the same one roll of film in there for over a month, I finally got it developed and I was pleasently surprised. For the first time in a while all my pictures managed to be developed and I didn't end up crying over my lost pictures ha. Finding out that my dad's analoge camera was working resulted in me shooting two roles of film in one month. It's a collection of me trying to capture the good and sunny days during a somewhat cold and gray month. 
 A day spend with my dad wonder around a heath.

The day my beautiful friends came to visit my hometown.
The weather was lovely, we biked around & ended up taking a swim in a lake.

These are from the time my mom and I ran around the mustard fields at night.

Oh and I captured some animals along the way too.

And you know some self portrait were taken aswell.

I think they turned out quite good, and can't wait to get my film from Berlin back in a few days.
(I spontaniously went on a trip to Berlin for 3 days last week eeep)

I hope you all have a lovely evening.

Lots of love, Sophie